Multi-Messenger Microscopy using a liquid tunable approach to image biological macromolecules in cells.

Diaspro A., Anthony N., Bianchini P., Cella Zanacchi F., Lanzanò L., Le Gratiet A., Pesce L., Cainero I., Pelicci S., Marongiu R., Oneto M.

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The possibility of integrating different light-matter interactions to form images of biological cells in optical microscopy is the starting point for the design and realization of a multi-messenger microscope based on the LIQUITOPY (liquid tunable microscopy) concept. This could represent a new paradigm in data collection and image formation with a potential high impact in biophysics. Liquid takes inspiration from the philosophical and sociological speculation by Zygmunt Bauman and is tunable from the fact that, today, we have at our disposal methods allowing tuning the microscope across a large, almost unlimited, range of spatial and temporal resolution. It is liquid because it aims to overlap in an optimized way different mechanisms of contrast and it is tunable because it offers a real time tunability in terms of spatial and temporal resolution. In our lab, we have implemented both classical and original fluorescence microscopy solutions achieving intersting results in super resolved optical microscopy and label free methods, including Müller matrix microscopy. Our multi-messenger microscopy approach has been mainly focused on the deciphering of high-order chromatin organization and function.

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