The Italian contribution to the European XFEL facility.

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VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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The development in the past few decades of advanced particle accelerators and detectors to continuously meet the growing requests coming from the particle physics, has generated the cultural and technical background that makes now possible to design and build X-Ray Free-Electron Laser user facilities for ultrafast imaging at the atomic scale. In the framework of the global competition for a lepton collider at the TeV scale, since 1990 Italy, and particularly INFN, has been one of the key player of the development of the superconducting (cold) technology, as a founding member of the TESLA Collaboration, hosted by DESY in Hamburg. The pioneering work already done before by the INFN players through the aborted INFN projects named ELFA, LISA and ARES gave the Italian contribution a significant extra value. In this presentation the Italian contribution to the European XFEL in terms of ingenuity, design, construction and commissioning, will be outlined and the positive unbalance between investment and return will be noticed.

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