Crystal Eye: A wide sight on the Universe looking for the electromagnetic counterpart of gravitational waves.

Barbato F.C.T., Barbarino G., Boiano A., de Asmundis R., Garufi F., Guarino F., Guida R., Renno F.

III - Astrofisica
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Crystal Eye is an optical module aimed at the exploration of the electromagnetic counterpart of the gravitational wave events. X-rays represent the missing observational link between s-GRB and GW. The experiment we propose is a wide FOV observatory ($2\pi$-local observation) in the energy range $\sim$ keV - 1 MeV, designed to fly on LEO orbit. The motion along the orbit will allow the sky scan at $4\pi$ in 40 minutes. The Crystal Eye objectives are: to alert the community about events containing X-rays and low-energy gamma rays, to monitor long-term variabilities of X-ray sources, to stimulate multi-wavelength observations of variable objects and to observe diffuse cosmic X-ray emissions.

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