RF design of the X-band linac for the EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB project.

Diomede M., Alesini D., Bellaveglia M., Buonomo B., Cardelli F., Catalan Lasheras N., Chiadroni E., Di Raddo G., Di Raddo R., Ferrario M., Gallo A., Ghigo A., Giribono A., Grudiev A., Lollo V., Piersanti L., Spataro B., Vaccarezza C., Wuensch W.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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We illustrate the RF design of the X-band linac for the upgrade of the SPARC_LAB facility at INFN-LNF (EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB). The structures are traveling wave cavities, working on the 2$\pi$/3 mode, fed by klystrons with pulse compressor systems. The tapering of the cells along the structure and the cell profiles have been optimized to maximize the effective shunt impedance keeping under control the maximum value of the modified Poynting vector, while the couplers have been designed to have a symmetric feeding and a reduced pulsed heating. In the paper we also present the RF power distribution layout of the accelerating module and a preliminary mechanical design.

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