Characterization of the new inverted-coaxial detectors used in Gerda Phase II.

Biancacci V.

III - Astrofisica
Aula GSSI Rettorato - Auditorium - Martedì 24 h 09:00 - 12:00
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The Gerda experiment searches for the neutrinoless double-beta decay of ${}^{76}Ge$ by operating Ge detectors directly deployed in liquid argon. The Gerda Phase II will finish its data taking at the end of this year; then there will be an important upgrade with the building of a new experiment called Legend-200. Since May 2018 five inverted coaxial detectors have been installed in Gerda: they are high-performance Ge detectors selected for the Legend-200 experiment. Results from their characterization tests will be presented.

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