Characterization of the Detector System for the XAFS beam-line of the synchrotron light source SESAME.

Cirrincione D., Ahangarianabhari M., Aquilanti G., Bellutti P., Bertuccio G., Borghi G., Bufon J., Cautero G., Ficorella F., Gandola M., Mele F., Menk R.H., Olivi L., Orzan G., Picciotto A., Sammartini M., Rachevski A., Rashevskaya I., Schillani S., Zampa G., Zampa N., Zorzi N., Vacchi A.

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A Fluorescence Detector System for XAFS (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) composed of 8 monolithic arrays of SDDs (Silicon Drift Detector), each having 8 cells of 9 mm${}^{2}$ area, is being realized within the INFN ReDSoX Collaboration. It will be used for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Jordan's synchrotron light source SESAME that provides a photon beam with an energy range between 3 and 30 keV. Detailed characterization tests at ELETTRA Sincrotrone Trieste have demonstrated an energy resolution at the Mn 5.9 keV K$\alpha$ line, for the monolithic array, below 150 eV FWHM at $10^{\circ}$C.

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