Rare-earth elements and urban mines: Critical strategies for sustainable development.

Lukowiak A., Bouajaj A., Tomala R., Zur L., Tran L.T.N., Hojenska A, Adalbe Bilmes S., Rodriguez J., Ribeiro J.L.S., Chiappini A., Chiasera A., Varas S., Armellini C., Carpentiero A., Strek W., Zonta D., Righini G.C., Ferrari M.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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The production of waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste, WEEE) is continuously increasing. Many economically interesting materials can be recovered from this kind of waste. Rare-earth elements are among them. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new technologies enabling to obtain rare earths from e-waste in order to increase the recycling capabilities in the countries without rare-earth reserves. The overall objective is to change the strategic material recovery procedure in a way that will allow economic benefits without affecting the environment. This communication will give an outline of the current situation regarding e-waste rare earths recycling policy and techniques.

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