Multi-diagnostics investigation of an ECR plasma confined in a simple mirror trap.

Castro G., Briefi S., Fantz U., Mascali D., Mazzaglia M., Miracoli R., Naselli E., Reitano R., Torrisi G., Gammino S.

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This work presents the multi-diagnostics characterization of the plasma in an axis-symmetric simple mirror trap as a function of magnetic field profile, neutral gas pressure and microwave power. The simultaneous use of Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Langmuir Probe and X-ray diagnostics allows the characterization of the whole electron energy distribution function from a few eV to hundreds of keV, investigating how the electron heating is affected by source parameters. Results show non-linear behaviours under small variations of even one source parameter only, demonstrating that plasma density and temperatures span over a wide domain of values.

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