Magnetic shape memory turns to nano: microstructure controlled actuation of free-standing nanodisks.

Albertini F., Takhsha Ghahfarokhi M., Casoli F., Fabbrici S., Nasi L., Campanini M., Magen C., Celegato F., Barrera G., Tiberto P.

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Magnetic shape memory Heuslers are an important class of ferroic materials for next-generation remote actuation and energy conversion. Up to now a great research effort has been devoted to bulk systems and thin films in view of their possible exploitation in macro- and micro-devices. In this contribution we propose magnetic shape memory free-standing nanodisks and demonstrate their possible actuation by the combined application of temperature and magnetic field. Our work represents a substantial step forward towards the realization of temperature-field controlled free-standing nanoactuators, whose microstructure can be engineered to tailor the material response for the specific application.

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