Josephson Current Anomalies in Spin-Orbit Nanowires.

Campagnano G., Giuliano R., Giuliano D., Lucignano P., Tagliacozzo A.

II - Fisica della materia
Aula 32B-2 - Mercoledì 19 h 09:00 - 13:00
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This talk presents the study of the anomalous Josephson effect in a multichannel Superconducting-Normal-Superconducting (SNS) junction; in particular, the S part of the nanowire is characterized by $s$-wave superconducting leads, while in the N one we consider the Rashba spin-orbit interaction and the Zeeman spin splitting. Both cases of one and two open channels will be inestigated: one can find that the Josephson current is zero at a value $\phi_{0} \neq 0, \eta$ of the phase difference between the order parameter of the leads. While in the former case the critical current is direction-independent, in the latter case one can observe an asymmetry between $I_{C+}$ (the maximum Josephson current from left to right) and $I_{C-}$ up to about 20%.

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