Scientific payloads for lunar and martian missions.

Porcelli L., Dell'Agnello S., Currie D.G., Delle Monache G., Contessa S., Ioppi L., Luongo O., Mondaini C., Muccino M., Petrassi M., Salvatori L., Tantalo M., Tibuzzi M., Maiello M., Vittori R., Bianco G.

III - Astrofisica
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INFN's SCF_Lab has been developing, designing, manufacturing, and qualifying for space flight a single, large laser retroreflector especially intended for laser ranging operations in the Earth-Moon system, and for precision tests of general relativity. The SCF_Lab Team is going to fly to the Moon two arrays, MoonLIGHT and INRRI. MoonLIGHT makes use of a single retroreflector, and aims at compensating for the detrimental effect of lunar librations on laser ranging measurements. INRRI is the already flown microreflector array developed by INFN for laser interrogations, from an orbiting laser down to the surface of any body of the solar system.

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