rf-sputtering as viable fabrication technique for glass-based photonics systems.

Chiasera A. Scotognella F., Dorosz D., Galzerano G., Lukowiak A., Ristic D., Speranza G., Vasilchenko I., Vaccari A., Valligatla S. Varas S., Zur L., Ivanda M., Martucci A., Righini G.C., Taccheo S., Ramponi R., Ferrari M.

II - Fisica della materia
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We show that the rf-sputtering technique is suitable for the fabrication of high-quality structures based on glass. We present recent results regarding: A) 1D photonic crystals allowing $Er^{3+}$ luminescence enhancement; B) disordered 1D photonic structures for broad-band filters and light harvesting devices; C) 1D microcavities, embedding a poly-laurylmethacrylate layer activated with {CdSe}@$Cd_{0.5}Zn_{0.5}S$ quantum dots, allowing coherent emission; D) $Er^{3+}$-activated $SiO_{2}$ - $P_{2}O_{5}$ - $HfO_{2}$ - $Al_{2}O_{3}$ - $Na_{2}O$ planar waveguides. This research is performed in the framework of the projects COST MP1401 (2014--2018), PAS-CNR (2014--2016), ERANet-LAC RECOLA (2017--2019), MAECI PLESC bilateral project between South Africa and Italy, MaDEleNA PAT projects.

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