Satellite observations to study earth processes: multitspectral and hyperspectral optical instruments and applications.

Buongiorno M.F., Colini L., Costanzo A., Musacchio M., Silvestri M., Spinetti C.,

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IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
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In the last two decades, a large number of missions have been launched to study our planet. These missions acquire systematic and continuous data over the entire Earth Surface, using many regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Image sensors that operate in the visible and infrared provide important information to study various natural and anthropogenic phenomena. The INGV has been using remote sensing techniques since 1990 to estimate parameters related to volcanic phenomena by means of VIS-IR data. Recently, the INGV has contributed to the development of IT platforms in the frame of European Space Agency programs. These cloud platforms permit to access time series of coregistered satellite data, operate processing chains and downloading thematic maps. Moreover, the INGV contributes to the study of new satellite missions by providing technical and scientific requirements for future optical missions built by ASI, ESA, and NASA.

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