Solar neutrinos: Accomplishments and prospects.

Ianni A.

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III - Astrofisica
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Over the past 50 years, the study of the solar neutrino has played a fundamental role in understanding the nature of the neutrino and the way the Sun works. The resolution of the so-called Solar-Neutrino-Problem contributed to the discovery of the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation. The development of experiments for the measurement of solar neutrinos has produced important innovations for the study of rare events, such as dark matter and double beta decay. Currently, the study of solar neutrinos offers the opportunity to improve the understanding of the Sun, solving the problem of metallicity, and simultaneously improving the understanding of the nature of neutrino interactions through the study of the day-night asymmetry and the so-called up-turn of the solar neutrinos survival probability. This contribution will present a review of the results on solar neutrino measurements and future prospects.

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