Detection of core collapse supernova neutrinos with DarkSide20k.

Bonivento W., Franco D., Lai M., Mirizzi A., Renshaw A., Ye Z.

III - Astrofisica
Aula GSSI Rettorato - Auditorium - Martedì 24 h 17:30 - 19:30
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When a core-collapse supernova (SN) explodes, only 1% of its energy is released through electromagnetic waves: the rest is emitted via neutrinos. If a galactic supernova will show up during its data taking, DarkSide20k, a future 20 ton liquid-argon dual-phase TPC, designed for the direct detection of dark matter particles, will perform a flavor-insensitive detection of SN neutrinos via coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering (CE$\nu$NS), providing additional information on the explosion mechanism. Furthermore, by the comparison with a charged current detection, discrimination between neutrino mass orderings, normal or inverted, can be inferred.

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