Electric-magneto-optical Kerr effect in a hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite

Fan F.-R., Wu H., Nabok D., Hu S., Ren W., Draxl C., Stroppa A.

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Hybrid organic-inorganic compounds attract a lot of interest for their flexible structures and multifunctional properties, $e.g.$ they can have coexisting magnetism and ferroelectricity whose coupling gives rise to magnetoelectricity. Here using first-principles computations, we show that, in a perovskite metal-organic framework (MOF), the magnetic and electric orders are further coupled to optical excitations, leading to an electric tuning of the magneto-pptical Kerr effect (MOKE). Moreover, the Kerr angle can be switched by reversal of both ferroelectric and magnetic polarizations only. The interplay between the Kerr angle and the organic-inorganic components of MOFs offers surprising unprecedented tools for engineering MOKE in complex compounds. Note that this work may be relevant to multiferroics in general.

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