Spectrally resolved lifetime imaging of intracellular polarity for a quantitative biological assessment of lipid metabolism in PC12 neuronal cells.

Bianchetti G., Di Giacinto F., Daniele M., De Spirito M., Maulucci G.

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
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Oxidative stress, one of the main factors leading to neuronal degeneration, causes the accumulation of lipid droplets in glial cells. Here, we present a high spatial and temporal resolution technique for the quantification of lipid turnover in living neuron-like cells. This method, based on the analysis of spectrally resolved changes in Nile Red's fluorescence lifetime using a global phasor approach, enables the real time visualisation of different intracellular lipid compartments, thus providing a biological parameter that allows for a fine-tuned monitoring of metabolic impairment in neurons.

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