Selective synthesis of turbostratic polyhedral carbon nano-onions by arc discharge in water.

Alessandro F., Scarcello A., Basantes Valverde M.D., Coello Fiallos D.C., Osman S.M., Cupolillo A., Arias M., Arias de Fuentes O., De Luca G., Aloise A., Curcio E., Nicotra G., Spinella C., Caputi L.S.

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Polyhedral carbon nano-onions (CNOs) have been obtained by underwater arc discharge between graphite electrodes using an experimental apparatus that allows the rotation of the anode. The discharges generate dispersed nanomaterials and a black hard cathodic deposit, which were studied by TEM-HRTEM, SEM, Raman, TGA and EDX. A simple mechanical grinding of the deposits permitted us to obtain turbostratic polyhedral CNOs without any complex purification procedure. We propose a model for the formation of the deposit, in which the crystallization is driven by an intense temperature gradient in the space very close to the cathode surface.

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