Optimization of gamma detection methods for neutron energy analysis on eV neutron spectrometers.

Onorati D., Andreani C., Arcidiacono L., Fernandez-Alonzo F., Festa G., Krzystyniak M., Minniti T., Romanelli G., Scherillo A., Ulpiani P., Senesi R.

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This work provides the analysis of the gamma spectrum emitted by the gold analyser foil used on VESUVIO spectrometer (ISIS neutron source) after irradiation by epithermal neutrons. For this purpose, a biparametric data acquisition has allowed the simultaneous measurement of both neutron time-of-flight (NRCA) and gamma energy spectra (PGAA). The data analysis shows that the gold dominant contribution is in the energy region between 0--400 keV, discarded by VESUVIO YAP detectors in the present set-up. The results suggest the best operating energy range for the spectrometer and the usefulness of biparametric acquisition for a wide field of applications.

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