Close encounters with Heisenberg.

Galante L., Fanaro M., Arlego M., Gnesi I.

VII - Didattica e storia della fisica
Aula 29C-3 - Mercoledì 19 h 09:00 - 13:00
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The Uncertainty Principle is one of the milestones marking the break-up with former theories describing reality at a macroscopic level. Its physical meaning has been deeply discussed and currently various approaches have not yet come to a common description. The exploration of its physical meaning is probably the best ground where to bring students to a more conscious understanding of Quantum Mechanics as well as of Physics. A didactic proposal, based on the acoustic analysis of a musical theme from the Steven Spielberg's movie Close Encounters, is proposed as a starting point to introduce, via analogy, the Heisenberg Principle to secondary school students.

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