Study of multi-electron Kaon decays at the CERN NA62 experiment and measurement of the $BR(K^{+}\rightarrow \pi^{+} \pi^{0}_{D})$ and $\pi^{0}$ electromagnetic transition form factor slope.

Lari E., Costantini F.

I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare
Aula 32C-3 - Giovedì 20 h 09:00 - 13:00
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The CERN NA62 ultra-rare kaon decay experiment exploits a very intense tagged hadron beam to make a high precision test of the Standard Model. Its detector capabilities make NA62 an ideal environment for studying other kaon decays to improve understanding of fundamentals interactions. Perspectives for the measurement of the rare decay $K^{+}\rightarrow \pi^{+} \pi^{0} e^{+} + e^{-}$, providing information on the effective chiral Lagrangian will be discussed, as well as the high-statistics study of the Dalitz decay of the neutral pion, a limiting factor for other results, and the corresponding form factor, of interest in the computation of muon anomalous magnetic moment.

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