Recent Drell-Yan results from COMPASS.

Longo R.

I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare
Aula 32C-3 - Giovedì 20 h 09:00 - 13:00
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One of the main objectives of the COMPASS experiment at CERN is the study of the transverse spin structure of the nucleon through the measurement of target spin (in)dependent azimuthal asymmetries in Drell-Yan processes with transversely polarised targets. Within the QCD parton model, these azimuthal asymmetries give access to a set of transverse-momentum-dependent parton distribution functions which parameterize the spin structure of the nucleon. The latest results coming from Drell-Yan data collected by COMPASS in 2015, using a negative pion beam impinging on a transversely polarised NH3 target, will be discussed in this talk.

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