Statics and dynamics of a miscible superfluid mixture.

Lamporesi G., Fava E., Bienaimé T., Colzi G., Mordini C., Qu C., Stringari S., Ferrari G.

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II - Fisica della materia
Aula 32B-2 - Giovedì 20 h 09:00 - 13:00
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I will report on the experimental investigation of the static and dynamic properties of a fully miscible mixture of superfluids made of two gases of sodium atoms prepared in two different internal states and trapped in a single optical trap. Thanks to the favourable interaction properties and the vicinity to the miscible-immiscible phase transition we were able to observe macroscopic effects such as clean spin-dipole oscillations, large spin polarizability and spin superfluidity. I will show the experimental result together with the theoretical simulations and illustrate possible analogies with mechanisms in high-energy physics.

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