Application of neutron techniques to compositional and nanostructure studies of orthodontic archwires.

Senesi R., Tian V. K., Andreani C., Licoccia S., Cozza P.

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Metallic materials, including metal alloys, are the most versatile class of materials used in biomedical applications, due their good biocompatibility, satisfactory corrosion resistance, the abundance of raw materials, highly developed materials production and processing with control of properties to suit end applications. We present an overview of quantitative determinations of atomic composition and metallurgical structure of commercial orthodontic archwires, using a combination of neutron techniques and microscopy. The results allow to correlate metallurgical structures determined with neutron techniques with physical and mechanical properties, and shed light on extending the study of other biomaterials used in dentistry and beyond, for the understanding of the impact of material processing and performance.

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