Simultaneous composition-nanostructure determination towards predicting stainless-steel orthodontic archwire performance.

Tian V. K., Senesi R., Andreani C., Licoccia S., Cozza P.

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
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Towards accessing nano- through meso-scale resolution we applied modern neutron scattering in combination with scanning microscopy (electron and atomic force) to quantitatively determine fundamental chemical composition and metallurgical structure together with surface characteristics of two commercial stainless steel orthodontic archwires. The neutron technique's higher detection sensitivity to alloying elements facilitated the semi-quantitative determination of the composition factor and pitting resistance equivalent number for predicting austenite stability and resistance to pitting corrosion, respectively. Neutron diffraction analysis revealed that both samples contained a martensite phase due to the work-hardening effect and the mechanism is strain-induced martensite transformation.

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