Hard X-ray imaging techniques for comprehensive studies in cultural heritage applications.

Mancini L., Dreossi D., Zanini F., Bernardini F., Tuniz C.

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VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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Hard X-ray imaging techniques play an important role in several research fields: medicine, biology, material science, geosciences and archaeology. Over the last two decades, great interest has been posed on X-ray computed microtomography employing microfocus sources and the unique possibilities offered by third-generation synchrotron radiation facilities. Synchrotron-based measurements produce three-dimensional images of the internal structure of objects with a spatial resolution at the micron- and submicron- scale and a non-destructive approach suitable for precious or rare specimens. Recent scientific studies performed in the field of cultural heritage applications by using these techniques will be presented in this contribution.

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