Breast Computed Tomography (Breast CT) at Elettra synchrotron radiation facility: Development of flattening filters.

Donato S., Dreossi D., Rigon L., Brombal L., Pinto A. per la Collaborazione SYRMA-3D

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
Aula 32C-2 - Giovedì 20 h 09:00 - 13:00
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The SYRMA-3D Collaboration aims at setting up a clinical trial of Phase-Contrast Breast CT. Reconstructed image quality is influenced by the vertical intensity distribution of the synchrotron radiation beam that decreases from the central maximum towards the tails. Usually slits are applied to limit intensity variations but reducing the effective beam size. We developed a flattening filter that counterbalances the transverse inhomogeneity. The useful beam width is increased, without lowering the photon flux below the optimal level. The total exam time is halved and both vertically uniform image quality and dose distribution are obtained.

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