Time dependence of the proton and helium fluxes measured by PAMELA during solar minimum (2006 -- 2009).

Marcelli N. per la Collaborazione PAMELA

III - Astrofisica
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Precision measurements of the $Z = 2$ component in the cosmic radiation provide crucial information about both the origin and propagation of the helium nuclei in cosmic rays inside the Galaxy. Moreover, the precise measurement of the time-dependent helium nuclei fluxes allows an in-depth study of the solar modulation of such nuclei inside the inner Heliosphere. These results can be compared with the widely studied modulation of protons, to possibly spot dependences on particle's charge, mass or local interstellar spectra shape. The helium differential fluxes together with the comparison between helium and proton energy spectra, measured by the PAMELA experiment down to 80 MeV in the unusually long minimum of solar cycle 23 (July 2006 - December 2009) over a 1-month time basis, will be presented.

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