Graphene oxide interaction with silver and gold thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering.

Politano G.G., Cazzanelli E., Versace C., Vena C., De Santo M.P., Desiderio G., Castriota M., Ciuchi F., Bartolino R.

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The interaction of graphene oxide with magnetron sputtered metals is a promising research area. Here, we report on graphene oxide thin films deposited by dip-coating on magnetron sputtered silver thin films. The final SERS signal intensity was investigated and we found Raman peaks dependent on the intensity of the laser and the thickness of silver and GO films. Graphene oxide absorbs mainly in the ultraviolet region, but when it is dip-coated on magnetron sputtered gold thin films, its optical constants show dramatic changes, becoming absorbing in the visible region, with a peak of the extinction coefficient at 3.1 eV.

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