Field-effect induced high-$T_{C}$ superconductivity in hole doped hydrogenated diamond(111).

Romanin D., Sohier Th., Daghero D., Mauri F., Gonnelli R.S., Calandra M.

II - Fisica della materia
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Although an increment of the boron concentration in bulk diamond should lead to an enhancement of the superconducting transition temperature there is a limit to the amount of boron which can be chemically incorporated in the lattice. A possible solution to this problem is a pure charge doping by means of the electrochemical gating technique in a field-effect transistor (FET) geometry. Our aim is to study the possible superconductive phase transition of the hydrogenated diamond (111) surface in the FET geometry by means of ab initio density functional theory computations within the pseudo-potential plane-wave approximation.

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