Superconductivity suppressed by ionic gating in optimally doped $BaFe_{2}(As,P)_{2}$ thin films.

Piatti E., Hatano T., Daghero D. Galanti F., Gerbaldi C., Guastalla S., Portesi C., Nakamura I., Fujimoto R., Iida K., Ikuta H., Gonnelli R.S.

II - Fisica della materia
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In this work we tuned the superconducting properties of iron-based superconductor $BaFe_{2}(As_{1-x}P_{x})_{2}$ by means of the ionic gating technique, aiming to explore the effect of a strong charge doping orthogonal to the isovalent chemical one. Upon inducing charge doping levels up to $\pm 3.5\times 10^{14} e^{-}$ cm${}^{-2}$ at the surface of optimally doped epitaxial thin films, we observed an asymmetric suppression of the critical temperature for both electron and hole doping. This suggests that the films that are optimized for the highest $T_c$ with respect to the isovalent P content, are also intrinsically optimized with respect to the charge doping.

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