Weathering of Catacombe di Santa Lucia glasses in Siracusa (Sicily).

Gueli A.M., Lemasson Q., Moignard B., Pacheco C., Pasquale S., Pichon L., Politi G., Stella G., Tanasi D.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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In this research work we focused our attention on weathering agents effect on glass finds coming from Catacombe di Santa Lucia located in Siracusa. The degradation is a complex process that involves numerous factors, in particular the environment in which the material was buried. The Catacombs represent a particular burial environment on halfway between marine and ground one. The study was mainly aimed to correlate the visual appearance deterioration due to optical changes, measured by spectrocolorimetry, to the weathered surfaces chemical content obtained by PIXE-PIGE techniques. All measurements were performed using non-destructive analyses without any sample preparation.

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