Measurement of the cosmic-ray proton + helium spectrum with DAMPE.

De Mitri I., Marsella G., Torralba-Elipe G., Valino I., Wang Z.M.

III - Astrofisica
Aula GSSI Rettorato - Auditorium - Mercoledì 25 h 16:30 - 19:00
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DAMPE (Dark Matter Particle Explorer) is a powerful space-borne experiment for direct detection of high-energy cosmic rays (CR), electrons and gamma rays. DAMPE scientific goals include the search for dark matter signatures in electron and photon energy spectra from few tens of GeV up to 10 TeV with unprecedented resolution (better than 1.5% at 800 GeV), and the study of galactic cosmic rays with energies up to 100 TeV/n (with resolution better than 40% at 800 GeV). The CR proton + helium spectrum of DAMPE will be reported, together with the detector description and the on-orbit detector performance.

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