Perspectives in physics and fundamental physics following the observations of a Kerr Black Hole in GRB 190114C.

Ruffini R., Rueda J., Moradi R., Wang Y., Bianco C.L., Xue S.S.

III - Astrofisica
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The unprecedented observations in one of the largest observational campaigns by more than 100 telescopes, operative in the optical, radio band, X-ray, gamma-ray high-energy domains all the way to TeV radiation and ultrahigh cosmic rays, have allowed to reach the conceptual understanding of all the sequence of events characterizing GRB 190114C. Soon afterwards, this procedure has been verified in 4 additional GRBs: GRB 090926A, GRB 130427A, GRB 160509A and GRB 160625B. The presence of a Kerr Black Hole in a background magnetic field of 1014 Gauss accelerating protons to 1021 electronvolts with luminosity up to 1054 erg/s, is at the basis of the inner engine, operating in a sequence of repetitive events each lasting $10^{-6}$ seconds. This same process applies as well in active galactic nuclei as in M87, duly scaling the Black Hole mass and the background magnetic fields. This style of research establish a new standard operating in new regimes not attainable in Earth-bound experiments.

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