Filoblu: sentiment analysis application to doctor-patient interactions.

Ciardiello A., Curti N., Castellani C., Giagu S., Remondini D., Vistoli C., Voena C., Mancini C., Faccini R.

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
GSSI Ex ISEF - Aula B - Mercoledì 25 h 16:30 - 19:00
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FILO BLU is a software application that aims to improve the communication in the doctor-patient relationship by acting on the monitoring of domiciliary care for oncologic patients. It is composed of two messaging client APPs and integrates a module to register phisiological parameters. To further help decision making and workload management we develop an expert system for the analysis of medical-patient communications that aims to score the patient's clinical status and that analyzes the flow of communications in order to signal to doctors, through an attention score, potential critical situations keeping into account both the written texts and any physiological values monitored.

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