Terahertz photonics and nano-electronics with 2D nanomaterials.

Vitiello M.S.

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Aula 29B-1 - Giovedì 20 h 15:30 - 16:30
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Bi-dimensional nano-materials and related heterostructures are establishing themselves as intriguing material systems for the development of a new class of electronic, photonic and plasmonic devices with $ad hoc$ properties, that can be engineered from scratch. Huge potential can be envisaged in a variety of application fields, ranging from saturable absorbers to optical modulators, from optical communication modules to spintronics, from near-field components to photodetectors. Their peculiar band-structure and electron transport characteristics, which can be easily manipulated via layer thickness control, suggest they could also form the basis for a new generation of high-performance devices operating in the terahertz frequency range (1--10 THz) of the electromagnetic spectrum. This talk will review the latest achievements in the developments of active and passive THz photonic and nano-electronic devices exploiting 2D nano-materials and combined heterostructures and it will discuss future perspectives of this rapidly developing research field.

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