Hydrogenation of Al targets to increase the proton emission by excimer laser.

Velardi L., Turco V., Nassisi V., Calcagnile L., Quarta G., Caricato A.P.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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Modified Al targets were used to produce proton beams by laser-matter interaction. The targets were hydrogenated before the proton extraction. Specifically, they were treated by laser cleaning (KrF laser), then exposed to laser irradiation under a constant flow of $H_2$ and finally maintained in $H_{2}$ atmosphere, in order to promote the hydrogen adsorption. Ablation measurements were carried out on untreated and treated Al targets (KrF laser, fluences of 2--10 $J/$cm${}^2$). A Faraday cup was used to collect protons and ions. The protons extracted from the treated targets were more than 100% higher than those obtained by the untreated ones.

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