Perpendicular magnetized GMR spin valves on large-area flexible substrates.

Hassan M., Varvaro G., Barucca G., Laureti S., Rinaldi C., Lik O., Safonova N., Albrecht M.

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To expand the domain of flexible electronics, giant magneto-resistive spin valves ($[Co/Pd]4/Ru/[Co/Pd]4/Cu(x nm)/[Co/Pd]_{2}$; $x = 24, 3 and 5 nm) with a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy were prepared on flexible substrates using a transfer-and-bond approach. The heterostructure is first deposited on a rigid thermally oxidized Si substrate covered with a weakly adhering Au layer, and then transferred on an adhesive and flexible substrate by a mechanical peel-off step. Centimeter-scaled spin valve stacks were successfully obtained without affecting their magnetic and magneto-resistive properties, thus confirming that the proposed Au-mediated transfer-and-bond approach can be pursued to obtain complex spintronic heterostructures on flexible substrates.

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