The route to Xene transistors: from silicene to phosphorene.

Molle A., Grazianetti C.

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The discovery of the Xenes, namely monoelemental two-dimensional crystals based on elements (X = Si, Ge, Sn, B, P) other than carbon and epitaxially grown on substrates, paves the way to new research frontiers of condensed matter and applied physics. Among Xenes, silicene was the forerunner. Here we describe a methodology for the silicene delamination and patterning with native Ag electrodes, ultimately resulting in the fabrication of a field-effect transitor based on silicene. As a perspective, the so-developed methodology is extended to other Xenes that are produced under similar conditions as the silicene-on-Ag(111), taking the epiaxial phosphorene as a case in point.

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