Table-top high-brightness ultrashort light sources tuneable across the deep and vacuum ultraviolet.

Belli F., Brahms C., Lekosiotis A., Grigorova T.F., Travers J.C.

II - Fisica della materia
GSSI Ex ISEF - Aula C - Giovedì 26 h 09:00 - 12:30
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We present a novel generation of light sources based on gas-filled and stretched hollow-fibers providing: ultrashort coherent light pulses tuneable across the deep and vacuum UV (110--400 nm) with estimated peak brightness comparable to large-scale free-electron lasers; sub-femtosecond pulse compression schemes in different spectral regions as well as different schemes for the generation of high-energy ($>50\mu$J) deep and vacuum ultraviolet pulses. The latest achievements on both the development of these light sources, the rich nonlinear optics and physical playground involved, together with current and future applications will be presented, with a special focus on advanced time-resolved spectroscopies.

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