Status and prospects of Gravitational Astronomy in the Gaia era.

Lattanzi M.G.

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III - Astrofisica
Aula GSSI Rettorato - Auditorium - Giovedì 26 h 09:00 - 12:30
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With the Gaia mission, astrometry is reaching the accuracy level for probing local cosmology and experimental gravitation, $i.e.$, Gravitational Astronomy. Selected results from the Gaia Second Data Release will show how accurate distances and kinematics at the scale of the Milky Way halo compare with CDM model predictions; and how, eventually, they can map out the distribution of dark matter, or other formation mechanisms, required to explain the signatures recently identified in the components of the disk. Final notes will dwell on to what extent Gaia can fulfill expectations, and what must instead be left to future, specialized, astrometric experiments.

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