Polaritonic platforms for complex light applications.

Dominici L., Gianfrate A., Ballarini D., De Giorgi M., Sanvitto D.

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Microcavity polaritons are hybrid electromagnetic modes of strongly coupled photons and excitons. They are a powerful platform to explore quantum macroscopic phenomena and realise ultra efficient nonlinear optical devices. Their extended coherence together with strong interactions can lead to room temperature Bose-Einstein condensation, superfluid flow and topological phases as well as to realise inversion-less lasers and all-optical transistors. Here, we show novel forms of complex light using quantum vortex transmutations, Rabi oscillations and coherent control. Such beams will provide unique tools in the fields of data multiplexing, telemetry and lidar sensing, optical gyroscopes and even medical diagnostics and treatment.

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