The seismic attenuation characteristics in eastern Sicily from the properties of diffusive wave fields.

Del Pezzo E.

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IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
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The intrinsic dissipation and scattering coefficients for $S$-waves were calculated using a modified version of the Multiple Lapse Time Window Analysis (MLTWA). About 5000 energy envelopes from seismograms of local, small-magnitude earthquakes occurred in both volcanic and non volcanic zones were fit to the Paasschens solution of the Energy Transport model in 3D. $B_0$, the seismic albedo and $L_e$, the extinction length, associated with the intrinsic ($Q_i$) and scattering ($Q_s$) quality factors were thus obtained and interpreted in terms of the geological characteristics of each domain. The attenuation values result to be crucial in the estimation of the seismic hazard.

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