The Parallel Dipole Line (PDL) system: Principles and applications to new sensors in geophysics.

Govoni A.

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IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
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In this contribution, we describe a 3D confinement produced by a pair of cylindrical magnets with magnetization along the diameter named Parallel Dipole Line (PDL) discovered by Oki Gunawan and co-workers at IBM. Such geometry creates a 1D camel-back potential along the longitudinal direction of the magnets. We describe the PDL magnetic field distribution and investigate, both theoretically and experimentally, a macroscopic scale prototype utilizing cylindrical diametric magnets and graphite rods made of ordinary pencil leads. Devices based on PDL trap are capable of sensing with high precision motion, tilt and gravitational field and are potentially very interesting in geophysics studies.

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