Unconventional supersymmetry at the boundary of AdS4 supergravity and graphene.

Cerchiai B.L.

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In the spirit of the holographic correspondence, which relates a gauge theory in D dimensions to a gravity theory in one dimension higher, we have developed a description of a 2+1 dimensional layer of graphene, starting from a N=2 supergravity theory in 3+1 dimensional anti de Sitter space. To this aim we have identified a particular asymptotic limit of the AdS4 supergravity to a locally AdS3 boundary, where it reproduces a D = 3 super-Chern Simons OSp(2|2) theory developed by J. Zanelli et al. in arXiv:1109.3944 and featuring unconventional local supersymmetry. This top-down approach (from higher to lower dimensions) is more predictive than the more common bottom-up one.

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