Extreme laser light in Italy: a new installation for biomedical applications.

Baffigi F., Brandi F., Bussolino G., Ciraci C., Cristoforetti G., Fulgentini L., Köster P., Labate L., Messina G., Palla D., Tomassini P., Vantaggiato G., Gizzi L.A.

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The Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory has been recently upgraded in the framework of the Italian network on Extreme Light Infrastructure. The ILIL-PW upgrade includes a laser power enhancement to the sub-PW level and a new interaction area equipped with radiation shielding for high intensity irradiation up to $10^{21}$ W/cmi$^2$. The ILIL-PW is hosting a range of interaction geometries and configurations motivated by ongoing scientific initiatives. Short focal length, very high intensity irradiation is available for laser-driven light ion acceleration for the recently commissioned L3IA beamline operation and for high intensity shock and high energy-density plasma generation. Long focal length interaction with gas targets is available for the development of high quality laser-plasma acceleration of electrons for the EuPRAXIA H-2020 project, using an original injection scheme, and for the PRELUDE PRIN project dedicated to biomedical applications. Here we give an overview of the ILIL-PW installation and then we describe the ongoing biomedical applications, with special attention to secondary radiation generation for medical X-ray imaging.

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