Earthquake-induced tsunami hazard: TSUMAPS-NEAM and MPTS18

Lorito S., Selva J., Basili R. per il TSUMAPS-NEAM Team e il CAT-INGV Group

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IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
Aula 32C-1 - Venerdì 21 h 09:00 - 12:00
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I will review the state of the art concerning S-PTHA (Seismic-Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis) in the NEAM region (North-eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Connected Seas). This will include some S-PTHA basics, the results of the TSUMAPS-NEAM project, co-funded by the EU DG-ECHO, which provided the first S-PTHA for the NEAM region, and the ongoing effort towards the Italian National S-PTHA, namely the MPTS18 S-PTHA co-funded by the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC). These efforts constitute the basis for the definition of evacuation zones in Italy in the framework of the SiAM (Sistema di Allertamento nazionale per i Maremoti), the National Tsunami Warning System, constituted by the INGV and ISPRA and coordinated by the DPC.

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