Tsunamigenic landslides in the Italian seas and assessment of related hazard through numerical modelling: a review.

Armigliato A., Tinti S., Zaniboni F., Paparo M.A., Pagnoni G., Gallotti G.

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IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
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We present a review of the research on tsunamigenic landslides in the Italian seas. We range from the information available on historical events in tsunami catalogues and from the modelling techniques of both landslide dynamics and tsunami wave propagation, to the reconstruction of the major historical landslide-generated tsunamis (e.g. Scilla 1783) and also to the hazard assessment related to possible future scenarios in specific areas like eastern Sicily, the Strait of Sicily, the Calabrian coasts. We stress the importance of including landslides as major tsunamigenic sources in ongoing and future national plans for tsunami hazard and risk mitigation.

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