Flares in a magnetically complex solar active region.

Zuccarello F., Guglielmino S.L., Capparelli V., Mathioudakis M., Keys P., Fletcher L., Criscuoli S., Falco M., Murabito M.

IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
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The most hazardous Space Weather events are often triggered by flares and subsequent eruptions occurring in solar active regions with complex magnetic configuration. We analyzed observations acquired by satellite instruments ($IRIS$, $SDO$/HMI, $Hinode$/SOT) and ground-based telescopes (ROSA@DST) relevant to two consecutive C7.0 and X1.6 flares and to the subsequent eruption, which occurred on 2014 November 7 in the active region NOAA 12205, characterized by the presence of $\delta$ sunspots. The analysis shows continuum enhancements during the flare evolution and a prominent blue-shifted bump at the onset of the eruption. We also investigate the role played by the $\delta$ sunspots in the flare triggering.

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