A viable route to produce highly performing anode materials for sodium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Pantò F., Frontera P., Fiore M., Longoni G., Stelitano S., Antonucci P., Ruffo R., Santangelo S.

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Sodium-ion batteries potentially represent a more sustainable, less expensive and environmentally friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Transition metal oxides store Na+ ions through conversion reaction and exhibit high theoretical capacities, but suffer from low conductivity and pulverisation, which can severely limit performance and life of the battery. This contribution proposes a novel, viable route to produce anode materials with bettered properties. Since high porosity and aspect ratio of the active material facilitates the electrochemical processes resulting in higher stability and enhanced capacity, electrospinning is combined with doping with alio-valent elements to improve the conductive properties of the produced anode materials.

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