Luminescent rare earth doped nanoparticles for theranostics.

Vetrone F.

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VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
Aula Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso - Giovedì 26 h 16:30 - 17:15
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The field of rare-earth-doped nanoparticles has progressed from the basic understanding of the photophysical properties governing their nanoscale luminescence to their use in diverse applications, with considerable focus in theranostics (therapy and diagnostics on a single nanoplatform). This interest stems from the ability to stimulate them with near-infrared (NIR) light as well as their diverse emission wavelengths spanning the UV to the NIR regions. Therefore, with a single NIR excitation wavelength, it is possible to observe anti-Stokes emission, known as upconversion, or single-photon (Stokes) NIR emission in the three biological windows where tissues are optically transparent. Here, we demonstrate how their various emissions could be harnessed for applications in theranostics.

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